KSAN till Göteborg på WFAD:s åttonde världsforum och ECAD:s 27:e konferens 13–14 juni 2022.

KSAN:s verksamhetsutvecklare Britt Fredenman deltar i WFAD:s åttonde världsforum, WFAD Congress och ECAD:s 27:e konferens 13–14 juni 2022. KSAN är medlemsorganisation hos WFAD och ingår i WFAD Gender Working Group.

Information om konferensen:
”8th WFAD’s World Forum and 27th ECAD’s Mayors’ Conference
Every other year, WFAD organises a World Forum. This year, we will be organising our 8th World Forum together with ECAD, who will be organising their 27th ECADs Mayors’ Conference. This year, the Forum will be held in a hybrid format on June 13th and 14th, 2022 to which you are invited!

The World Forum will be a meeting place for WFAD members, as well as professionals, scholars, local, regional, and national authorities, and other decision-makers from around the world working to prevent drug abuse, increase treatment, and promote recovery and reintegration services. Experts from the field will share research, best practices, and tools on:

-Treatment and Recovery
-Advocacy – this special track includes advocacy for funding, prevention, children’s rights, and against legalisation.

We are proud to announce that the Forum will be inaugurated by UNODC Executive Director Ghada Waly.”

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WFAD World Forum 2022


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Verksamhetsutvecklare Britt Fredenman